R2 Zoo Crew

Our Story & A little bit about Us!

Welcome to the R2theRescue Pet Resort - we are happy you 'stopped by' and want to learn more about us and our little country bed and breakfast for pets!

Our names are Rich and Rebecca (r2) and we met while on active duty serving our country as United States Marines. Although we traveled the world to the same duty stations, at very nearly the exact same times, we never actually met until Rebecca was at the end of her service. As fate would have it boy meets girl, falls in love, and the rest is history thanks to one very fluffy white cat, read on!

Both of us were raised with animals and have long loved most furry critters but it was one special kitty that held the key to what is now the R2theRescue Pet Resort. She was a beautiful white kitty, a rescue of course, and she belonged to Rebecca. It was her approval alone that 'allowed' Rich to be part of the family. From there more kitties were rescued until one day after many transports, fosters and overnight guests, a doggy came along and stole our hearts. We call Kiara our "OG-VIP" Original Gangsta Very Important Pet around here. She is also the yard-boss and basically runs the place. She was joined by her littermate sister Bazzi and they are our little 'hostesses' here in the country to all the guests that visit.

We are active in our community, love to run and do sporting events like marathons, cycling, and even triathlons, we are volunteers at our local firehouse and in general just try to serve the community and our clients the best we can  ~ with our whole hearts.

Meet the Team

It's not just the hoomanz that make things purrr-fectly welcoming around here!

Meet our founders and creative architects, Rich and Rebecca, as well as the Paws in Charge Kiara & Bazzi

The Key to it All


Founder & CPS (Chief Pooper Scooper)

As Walt Disney always said "if you can dream it, you can do it" and that is just exactly how this pet resort came to life! Faith, trust and pixie dust....and alot of creative thinking, questions asked and alot of help from friends, potential clients and mentors! But it really IS kind of fun to do what lights your heart up like a Christmas tree and animals is that passion for me!

I'll always have your back Daddy!


CFO & HandyMan

Every successful organization needs somebody who is handy, smart, resourceful and funny. That's Rich, he has constructed all the doggy areas, storage and receiving areas, and so much more. It truly is his labor of love.

Plus ~ he's the dog whisperer! EveryPAWdy loves Rich!

We love the snow more than anything!

Kiara & Bazzi

"The Girls"

Rescued from Bosnia by the Puppy Rescue Mission & Katie Ward of the Tanzie Project, these littermates are the hostesses with the mostest here at the "resort"; welcoming every guest and making sure everybody gets to play!