pups at play

A belly rub for everyPAWdy!

We pride ourselves on providing your pet with the most 'like home' environment possible! With lots of playtime, human interaction, walks, treats, snuggles on the couch and anything else their hearts desire, your pet will hardly remember that you are out of town too!


What You Can Expect for Your Pet's Visit:

While we ask that you bring the 'familiarities of home' along with your pet like their bed or favorite blanket and toys, we provide daily positive interaction that will help your pet have a stress free visit, enjoy socialization with other guests, lounge with the humans just like at home and yes even have snuggles on the couch (if that's allowed at home!).

We try to match their routine as closely as possible to yours so that they will experience minimal disruption to their schedule and just enjoy their visit here at the resort. Hence the many questions we ask on our Pet Info form we ask you to fill out and bring along with you on your first visit.

Max & Jaber go to PetSmart

Next Steps...

  1. Book your Stay via the "Schedule Your Doggy Vacay" tab
  2. Fill out your pet's profile in detail (health info & daily routine)
  3. Read the FAQs for all your stay details!
  4. Remember to drop off your furry loved one!