You got questions? We have answers!

What are your rates?

We like to keep things simple so we charge a flat fee per dog, per night, just like a hotel we need to be able to prepare for incoming guests so this keeps things simple. First day is full rate, pickups after 12pm are charged a 1/2 day rate - our rates are as follows:

First Dog $65/night

Each additional dog $35/night

Departure after 12pm day of pickup is half-day rate per pup 

It is our privilege, and way of saying thank you, to offer a discount to our military, first responders and teachers! Please let us know at booking if this applies to you so we can make that notation.

What’s your dropoff/pickup policy?

While we do try to be as flexible as possible between 9am-12pm and 2-5pm but we ask that you select a 30 minute drop-off and pickup window at time of booking and stick to it as closely as possible.

This is your pet(s) exclusive arrival/departure time and any variation on the part of one client can cause rolling complications throughout our scheduled day.  

Please note: if you are more than 30 minutes late without notifying us there will be an additional fee for every 30 minutes you are late.

We do not offer pickup/dropoff availability for major holidays themselves but will work with you on being as flexible as possible the night before/morning after.

We also offer pickup/drop-off transportation services for a fee if that option is of interest.

Why is a deposit required?

Deposit payment guarantees your reservation. Especially during busy times, we get so many requests to book, that many pets wind up on the waitlist for space. If travel plans change but we unaware and are holding that spot open, other clients miss out and must search elsewhere for care. It is fully refundable 15+ days from your visit.

Once your deposit is received, you pet is confirmed!

What should we bring?

Please bring the following:

Proof of UP TO DATE vaccinations (part of the booking process)


Bed/Blanket & toys

Leash & Harness

Any medicine(s) if applicable

What if my pet gets ill while I am away?

We have a mobile vet that comes right to our property. Should your pet need medical care at any point during their stay we will make two phone calls: the first to you to inform you of the situation and the second to our vet to have your pet be seen. If you are reasonably local to us, you can request that we take your pet to your vet.

Where did the name R2 Pet Resort come from?

Our names are Rich and Rebecca. Though the years in true military fashion that somehow got shortened to R2. It stuck. Long ago we both knew that our goal was to open our own rescue and restoration ranch not just for animals but eventually opening the doors to wounded warriors as well. When we talked about it we realized there was that double "r" again. Through a discussion of mission and purpose, R2theRescue developed. Much like Clark Kent aka Superman came to Lois Lane's rescue, we want to come to the rescue of those in need. So there you have it - what's in our name.

Are you a rescue?

No we are not, yet! However our passion is founded in rescue work, doing whatever roles possible to ensure animals in need are able to move on to a new and happy life. So we are part of a larger team and are blessed to work with many 501c3 organizations whose mission is driven by rescue and placement. Our goal is to one day get there and be more involved on a daily basis saving those lives.

What made you add an overnight pet sitting piece to your efforts?

Simply put, we love animals. When we searched for pet sitting for our own animals we realized there was a real need we could fill here in western Loudoun County; providing services that are more "like home" than kennel boarding. We provide safety,security, a familial routine for pets and peace of mind for pet owners while they are away.

How are you different than a kennel?

First, we are a small home based operation that is run just by the two of us, on our property, in a home environment. We are not professional vets, technicians or trainers. We have years of experience and put that into use to properly care for the animals in our keep. We offer one-on-one attention, play time, walks, and integration into an environment more like a home than a kennel.

What should we expect for our pet's visit?

First and foremost, to be treated with kindness and love, as if they were our own! We believe that every animal deserves individual attention, love, stimulation and their needs to be met fully. We are of a quality, not quantity, mindset to ensure the best experience for your pet!

Secondly, you will get updates and photos texted to you {unless you indicate otherwise} and 'make them famous' on our Instagram feed for our followers.

Third, peace of mind that your pet is being well taken care of with not just basic needs met but play time, walks, belly rubs and even snuggles on the couch (if allowed!).